Henry’s adopted gorilla family… and you.

Have you adopted Henry's gorilla family? Renewals include an all new 'welcome back' pack!

When Henry Cavill and Durrell launched #CavillConservation, we commemorated the occasion with a very special gorilla family adoption pack. Henry became the very first adopter of our gorilla family and, working together, we created adoption packs especially for his fantastic fans… our way of saying a big ‘thanks’ to those who followed Henry in showing their commitment to wildlife conservation. For more on our gorilla family adoption packs, please click here.

Have you adopted Henry’s gorillas?

If so, we can’t thank you enough for your incredible support, which offers genuine hope to some of the most threatened animals on the planet, who quite simply need our help to ensure their survival.

Working with Henry once more, we’ve created a brand new adoption renewal pack, featuring exclusive contents available just for re-adopters, including an all new, signed photo of Henry with his - and your - adopted gorilla family. If you’ve been ‘part of the family’ for most or even the whole time since we launched, be sure to check your inbox - we’ll email you details of how you can view and purchase your renewal pack, including a personal message from Henry! Can’t find yours? Get in touch and we’ll send you your link.