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Pygmy hog1

Hello fellow conservationists!

Who likes cute little pigs?! Well I have something for you here. Introducing you to possibly the cutest pig in the world, the pygmy hog. These diminutive, adorable creatures are critically endangered but thanks to Durrell and the work of their volunteers and staff this little piggy has a fighting chance! If you want to learn more about what has… Read more →


Professor Carl Jones wins Conservation Oscar

Hello fellow conservationists, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the following article about Professor Carl Jones and the Indianapolis prize. It is fantastic to see anyone being rewarded for conservation efforts but it is indeed even closer to our hearts when it is one of our own! Carl has achieved some remarkable feats of conservation of which the following… Read more →

Durrell Index image

Introducing Durrell Index

Hello All, I hope the news I have for you today will go some way as to showing you why supporting Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is worth your time. Obviously, I am extremely proud of my home Island of Jersey. Even more so when I learn that the spiritual home that I share with my chosen wildlife charity has made… Read more →