Henry Cavill With Gerald Durrell statue.

If you care about extinction, love animals and think protecting the planet is important, then we have all of the above in common.

Durrell is staffed by the most passionate professionals, and we’ve passed that passion on to over 3,500 conservationists from 137 countries. We’ve restored barren islands to thriving eco-systems that were ‘dead’ just decades before. Gerald Durrell (founder) changed the role of ‘zoos’ from attractions (or even animal prisons) to ‘arks’ for endangered species.

Why should you care? The truth is that there are currently more animals threatened with extinction than ever before. Durrell focuses on the most threatened animals in the most threatened places. By saving habitats they are restoring the balance of nature – therefore doing our bit to protect the planet.

We all play a part and with your support, we can make a difference.

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…here’s why Henry loves Durrell… 

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